Taking Care of Your Silver Jewellery

The best way to keep your jewellery looking sparkly and new, is to wear it, as your silver won’t tarnish very much when its against your skin, the natural oils helps to preserve your jewellery.   When you aren’t wearing your jewellery keep it safe in its original box, but it will tarnish naturally if left.

To give your jewellery a clean, use a soft brush, mild soap and warm water.  Don’t submerge in water just a quick splash.  Dry with a soft cloth, and give it a buff for a polished shine.

Sea Glass Necklace 2

Any jewellery with stones should be worn with care as gemstones and sea glass are fragile and may naturally loosen with continued use.   Avoid bumping or knocking your jewellery against hard surfaces to prevent damage.   My products are guaranteed against manufacturing faults but not misuse.

One last tip – don’t throw away the little bags of silica you get in a new bag or shoe box, they are great for absorbing the moisture in your jewellery box!!

Sky Blue Topaz Ring 5

Don’t drop porous gemstones into silver dip, this could change the colour of your gemstone.   Turquoise, pearls, opals and moonstone are also all susceptible to temperature changes.

Its best to remove your jewellery when you are swimming, showering, doing manual work and sleeping, to ensure your jewellery doesn’t get damaged at all.  Avoid contact with cosmetics, chemicals, perfume, hairspray & deodorant.

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