What is Sea Glass?

Sea glass, also known as beach glass or mermaid’s tears, is one of nature’s magical wonders. As pieces of discarded glass bottles, jars and other glass objects make their way into the ocean, the constant motion of the waves and the saltwater physically transform them over decades into beautiful, frosted gemstones. The ocean’s relentless action gently tumbles and wears down the sharp edges and surface of the glass, giving sea glass its distinctive smooth and rounded appearance.

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It is the sea glass’s ability to capture and reflect light in a myriad of ways that makes it such an enchanting discovery along shorelines around the world. The frosted, pitted surface causes the glass to glow with an array of pale colors that shift and change with the lighting and angle. Greens, blues, browns and whites predominate, the shades mottled and blended together in a way that no human artisan could ever hope to replicate.

To find sea glass is to find a small treasure gifted by the sea. Their allure is not in monetary value but in their history, their beauty and the knowledge that nature’s slow, patient crafting over time produced such an unexpected delight. Like shells, sea glass connects us to the eternal, ever-changing rhythm of the ocean. Though originally rubbish, sea glass is a reminder that beauty can emerge even from the depths. Polished by adversity, these shards of glass have become glowing gems, a poetic metaphor for how life’s difficulties can ultimately strengthen and refine us.

What is Sea Glass?
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